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Air Capsule Scalp Cover for Milk Pillow


Air Capsule Scalp Cover is OEKO-TEX grade 1 certified product.
The scalp that needs to be kept cool, If the heat rises goes into a state of REM Sleep.
REM Sleep Signal - Lack of sleep, tiredness, stress, increase in scalp fever, sleep disturbance.
The cause of all these diseases, Scalp fever - Insomnia, Chronic Headache, Recessive hair loss
Take care of your scalp while sleeping with an air capsule scalp pillow cover
The air capsule scalp pillow cover quickly dissipates heat from the scalp and preserves the lowered temperature to help to sleep deeply.

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3 chronic diseases that 81% of modern people suffer from
All 4 seasons our heads should be cool
Chart - The body temperature rhythm of the day.
Recommended for people like these - can not fall asleep easily, troubles on the scalp and face, sensitive skin, hair loss, chronic headaches, often toss and turn, children who sweat a lot during sleep.
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Kolons technology new material air capsule.

excellent breathability with air capsule

Comparison plain pillow cover and air capsule scalp cover heat and moisture test.

It has excellent cut resistance and strong durability.
Friction fastness above the standard value.

Quick sweat absorption and drying sweat perspiration quick dry.

Use double sided - cool, modal side.
Easy to open, close with zipper, reusable package for added practicality.
Adults to Kids - The whole family can enjoy the coolness

You will soon be able to purchase a variety of premium covers for Milk Pillow Plus.

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