Classic Maru Pants - Black [Unisex]


Pants -S1L1

Hanbok Pants that will last a life

Pants -S1L3

Pants -S1L4

Pants -S1L5

Pants -S1L6

* Each person has a different body type.
The snap button on the collar part can be changed and attached to the desired position.

<LEESLE - Classic Floor Pants>

This design is protected by design rights under the Intellectual Property Rights Design Protection Act.
In case of unauthorized duplication or copying of part or entire design
(Applicable to sales or simple duplication)
Legal liability and damages are claimed.

- Lisle Intellectual Property Legal Team-

Male model 186cm / usual 100 / wear size L

Pants model image-S1L28

Leeseul Hanbok worn together: Men's double-collared thick shirt jeogori [Black] / Leeseul Metal Tassel [White]

Pants model image-S1L29

Pants model image-S1L34

Leeseul Hanbok worn together: Men's Herringbone Bandurumagi [Charcoal]

Pants model image-S1L33

Pants model image-S1L32

* Male model size - 177cm / wear size M
* Female model size - 163cm / Wearing size S (Can be worn from 28inch female waist)

Pants model image-S1L26

Pants -S3L2


Pants charcoal color image-S3L5


Pants charcoal color image-S3L6
Pants -S2L12

Size information
3.Thigh Width
4.Front Rise
S 35.5 32.5 37.5 105
M 36.5 33.5 39 105
L 38 34.5 39 108
XL 40 34.5 39 109

- The measured size above is the'length of section'. please note.
- The size may have an error of 1~3cm depending on the measurement method.
- Product color may be slightly different from the actual color depending on the resolution of the user's monitor.
- The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.

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