Classic Maru Pants - Medium Gray [Unisex]


Pants model image-S2L2

Male Model [Joohyun] - Height 177cm / Top 100-105 / Bottom 31-32 / Wearing L size

These trousers are classically reconstructed with the characteristics of the floor width of hanbok.
In order to bring out the lines of traditional trousers stylishly but simultaneously,
It was born after many modifications.
The way of wearing traditional trousers with a waist strap was kept in a modern way.
It also has a built-in pocket, which is essential for modern people.
The hem of the pants is composed of knot buttons for convenient styling.

Pants model image-S2L3

Female Model [Dini] : 163cm / Waist 25inch / Wearing size S
Male Model [Suhwan] : 180cm / Waist 32inch / Wearing size L

Pants model image-S2L6

Pants model image-S2L7

Pants model image-S2L8

Pants model image-S2L10

Pants model image-S2L11

Pants -S3L1

Components: pants + waist strap


Pants grey color image-S3L4


Pants grey color image-S3L5

Pants detail image-S4L1

Pants detail image-S4L3

Pants detail image-S4L4

Pants -S2L12

Size information
3.Thigh Width
4.Front Rise
S 35.5 32.5 37.5 105
M 36.5 33.5 39 105
L 38 34.5 39 108
XL 40 34.5 39 109

- The measured size above is the'length of section'. please note.
- The size may have an error of 1~3cm depending on the measurement method.
- Product color may be slightly different from the actual color depending on the resolution of the user's monitor.
- The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.

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