Daenim Button Pants - Blue [Unisex]


Pants -S1L1

Pants -S1L2

Pants -S1L3

Pants -S1L4

Pants -S1L5

Female model height 163cm / usually wears 44 / wears S

Pants model image-S6L1

Lovely Jeogori [White] + Daenim Button Pants [Blue]

Pants model image-S6L3

Pants model image-S6L4

Pants model image-S6L5

Pants model image-S6L6

Pants model image-S6L7

Pants model image-S6L8

Pants model image-S8L1

Pants model image-S8L2

Pants model image-S8L3

Pants model image-S8L4

Pants model image-S8L5

Pants model image-S8L6

Pants model image-S8L7

Pants model image-S7L1

Pants model image-S7L3

Pants model image-S7L2

Pants model image-S7L4

Pants model image-S1L19

Pants model image-S1L18

Pants model image-S9L1

Pants -S9L3


Pants navy blue color image-S9L7


Pants navy blue color image-S9L8

Pants detail image-S9L14

The waist strap is detachable.
The back banding holds the waist without slipping.
Comfortable to wear with zippers and buttons.

Pants detail image-S9L18

It is equipped with two pockets.

Pants detail image-S9L16

Two buttons are attached to each hem of the denim part.
Depending on where you fill the button on the outside/inside
It can be produced in a variety of coordinates such as a straight fit and a hanbok fit.

Pants -S9L4

Size information
3. Trousers
S 33.5 28 96
M 40 30 97
L 44 35 98

- The measured size above is'length of section'. please note.
- The size may have an error of 1~3cm depending on the measurement method.
-Product color may differ slightly from actual color depending on the resolution of your monitor.
- The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.

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