Phoenix Waist Belt - Mini [3 Colours]


Lisle's Signature Phoenix Moon Belt Mini Version Released!!

The phoenix belt belt that is really loved by Lisler
We have released a mini version!!!
Black (Gold) / Gold / Green 3 colors.
Regardless of gender or season
Only colors that are perfect for everyday wear anywhere
Selected and published.
Smaller than the existing phoenix belt
There are quite a few people looking for a mini size.
So Liselle prepared it!!!
100cm shorter than the existing phoenix belt
It was made with a total length of 170 cm.

dress detail image-S1L7

dress model image-S3L2

Model wears: Sword (gold) / Mannequin wears: Gold
Model: waist 24 inches

For men and those with a slightly larger waist
Because it is a bit short to wear as a belt
Shorter than the model wearing cut
It can be difficult to wear.

If you want a longer length, do not use the mini size.
You can purchase the original Phoenix Moon Belt.

dress model image-S3L1

It can also be used stylishly as a bag twilly.

dress model image-S3L5

Mannequin wear: sword (gold) / model hair wear: gold

Hairband, Daenggi, Bag Twilly, etc.
You can use it :)

dress -S1L11

dress detail image-S1L10

Gold and Sword (Gold)
It's a subtle color difference.

dress -S2L10

dress model image-S2L5

dress -S2L11

dress charcoal color image-S2L6

dress -S2L12

dress charcoal color image-S2L7

dress -S2L9

dress charcoal color image-S2L8

dress -S1L9

Size: Width 7cm / Length 170cm
Material: 100% polyester

This is a print, not a gold leaf.
The gold leaf will come off, but this belt won't come off or be erased.

Washing method: Use neutral detergent. Gently hand wash or put in a washing net to machine wash
Depending on the measurement method, there may be an error of 1-2cm in the measured length.

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