SEALVAC - Cordless & UV Food Vacuum Sealer

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SEALVAC is a food vacuum sealer that utilizes powerful features and a convenient design to properly preserve food so that the cooking process is made easier and more enjoyable for you. You can even use this with foods that come in pre-packaged bags!

Let’s be honest.. how many times have we let the bulk of our groceries go bad in the fridge? That’s a waste of good food and precious money. Proper food storage with the help of our SEALVAC will allow you to buy in bulk and keep it fresh for much longer!

Our vacuum bags have been designed to completely seal your food from being exposed to oxygen and moisture in the air. This helps prevent oxidation which is one of the primary contributors to food spoilage. This means that your foods will stay fresh for 5 or even 10 times longer with SEALVAC.

* Duration of freshness may vary depending on the environment you are in when you use the SEALVAC.


How many times have we used unnecessarily clunky storage containers that make it super annoying to reach the food in the back? By vacuum sealing your foods with SEALVAC, you’ll save up to 3 times the amount of fridge space and make it easier to navigate around each shelf.

We launched the 1st generation of SEALVAC on a South Korean crowdfunding platform and raised $120,000. After our Korean backers received their SEALVAC’s and had a chance to test them out, they came back and gave us a 5 star rating! With their feedback, we’ve created the 2nd generation SEALVAC to share with the world through Kickstarter!

We get it. With the rise of other kitchen appliances like the air fryer, you’ve probably noticed that there’s less countertop space for you to cook or prepare your foods on.

Not only is SEALVAC compact in size, it’s completely wireless which means that you can take it out, use it, and store it without having to compromise on long-term countertop space.

SEALVAC uses two Samsung SDI 18650 battery cells typically used in electric vehicles to power the vacuum mechanism. Experience the power of wired performance and wireless convenience in SEALVAC!

SEALVAC uses a low-noise motor that maxes out at 75db which is the same noise level as an average person to person conversation. After all that blender use, it’ll be nice to let your ears a break.

The SEALVAC features three different UV-C lights that will activate to sterilize while it’s vacuum sealing your food.

Have you ever noticed that plastic food storage bags and containers usually look like a mess near the opening because it makes contact with the food you’re putting in?

SEALVAC goes one step further with the sealing process by using it’s three UV-C LED lights to sterilize the bag so that you can get that extra peace of mind when storing your food.

We used industry-leading 3D mechanical design techniques and mold technology to secure all of the main parts of the SEALVAC so that it stays intact even if it falls off your kitchen counter.

In the average vacuum sealing device, the temperature of the heating wire can rise to 300℉. We’ve discovered that when those devices are used in consecutive sessions, the plastic bags end up melting and causing the device to malfunction.

That’s why with the SEALVAC, we chose to include a silicon plate with very low thermal conductivity under the heating wire in order to block any residual heat so that you can use the SEALVAC multiple times in a row without any risk to the device, the bag, or the food.

SEALVAC can also be used to elevate your cooking to a whole new level. By sealing your choice of food and marinade, you’ll lock in and intensify the flavors.

You can also use a wine stopper to vacuum seal your wine as well.

For your convenience, our device is compatible with third party food containers and sealing bags.

Once you incorporate SEALVAC into your routine, you’ll experience a new paradigm of food storage and cooking.

SEALVAC sealing bags will be available both online and offline. You can also use other commercially available sealing bags as well.

With third party sealing bag rolls, you can create a sealing bag with your preferred length and seal it with the SEALVAC’s Sealing Mode.

The SEALVAC contains four intuitive buttons (MANUAL/AUTO/STOP/SEAL) that allow you to control the device with extreme ease.

For normal foods, press the AUTO button and within seconds your food will be completely vacuum sealed and Sterilize.

For finer control over the vacuum sealing process press and hold the MANUAL button until your desired amount of air has been extracted. Then, press the SEALING button to seal the bag.

You can even store soups and other liquids by simply placing them in the bag and pressing the SEALING button.

The UV LED lights will activate automatically during the sealing process. If you wish to activate the UV LED lights again after the sealing has completed, press and hold the STOP button for 3 seconds.

You can use any USB-C Type charging cable to charge the SEALVAC.

It takes a lot of energy to create an artificial vacuum. Because of this, it’s extremely difficult to create a vacuum packaging device that’s wireless. However, we made this possible by using two Samsung SDI 18650 battery cells which are used in Jaguar EVs to provide a power and stable output. With each full charge you’ll be able to seal 80 bags. Why go wired when you can go wireless now?

Since the SEALVAC isn’t necessarily a tall device, the ideal way to store it is to have device upright. This allows the device to be stored easily without taking too much kitchen space. Place it in any cabinet, or if you want to show it off SEALVAC’s beautiful design for your next dinner party, consider keeping it on your countertops.


In order to develop a product that meets the highest of standards, we applied for and received an FCC certification for our electrical components and a UL certification for battery stability.




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