Urban Dress - Green [Womenswear]


long dress -S1L2
long dress -S1L3

5 types of urban dresses
[Scarlet] / [Blue Green] / [Pink] / [Green] / [Royal Blue]
long dress -S1L6

* Thickness comparison *

Light One Piece (Midsummer) <Fairy Tale One Piece (Summer) <Urban One Piece (Spring Autumn) <<< Raised Cotton One Piece (Winter)

*Size tip*

Please order a half size larger than the usual one-piece dress!

long dress -S12L5
long dress mint color image-S12L3
long dress navy blue color image-S12L4

Model-Height 155cm / I usually wear 44 / XS size wear
long dress model image-S7L5

Coordinated items-Top: Side dress traditional jeogori [white] / Soother: Danah gemstone soother [Pitch], Simple butterfly soother [Mustard] / Shoes, hair band: Personal collection
long dress model image-S7L7
long dress model image-S7L11

long dress model image-S7L10

long dress model image-S7L12
long dress model image-S7L13
long dress model image-S7L14

Model-Height 155cm / I usually wear 44 / XS size wear
long dress model image-S8L1
long dress model image-S8L3

Coordinated items-Top: Mayang Jeogori / Soother: Danah Gemstone Soother[Peach], Simple Butterfly Soother[Mustard] / Shoes, Hairband: Personal collection
long dress model image-S8L5
long dress model image-S8L6
long dress model image-S8L7
long dress model image-S8L8
long dress model image-S8L9
long dress model image-S8L10

Model-157cm tall / usually wears 44-55 / wears size: XS size wears
long dress model image-S3L3
long dress model image-S3L2

Items coordinated together-Hat, shoes: personal collection
long dress model image-S3L4

Coordinated items-Top: Min Jeogori [Beige] / Scarf: Wave shawl scarf [Mustard] / Shoes: Private collection
long dress model image-S3L5

Coordinated items: Outer: Spring spring cardigan [Ivory] / Shoes, hats: Private collection
long dress model image-S3L6

Coordinated product-Top: Min Jeogori [Beige] / Scarf: Wave Shawl Scarf [Mustard]

Model-163cm tall / usually wears 44-55 / wears size: XS size
long dress model image-S4L1

Item worn together-Jeogori: Modern Ethnic Jeogori [Blue]
long dress model image-S5L1

Check point

There is a risk of water drainage when immersed for a long time.
Please pay attention to water / sweat / rain due to the use of dark color dyes.
We recommend that you dry clean by yourself.
long dress -S9L1


long dress mint color image-S9L4


long dress mint color image-S9L5
long dress detail image-S13L2
long dress detail image-S13L1


Size information
XS 35 41 117
S 35.5 44 117
M 35.5 45 117
L 36.5 46 118
- The measured size above is the'length of section'. please note.
- The size may have an error of 1~3cm depending on the measurement method.
- Product color may be slightly different from the actual color depending on the resolution of the user's monitor.
- The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.

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