Toothbrush 6pcs Set


Finefra Ultra Auper Slim Head


Finefra toothbrush has been finally created with the most advanced technology and years of developments and researches to answer so many requests and demands from customers.

The design is unique to fit all With the slimmest head of toothbrush, it is designed for everyone to reach all areas inside mouth, even the harder to reach areas like between teeth or over bumpy gums. The curved body part provides a comfort grip for everyone whose hand is small or big.


The revolution of real toothbrush Until now, all toothbrush products had only cared about the handles and bristles, but the key point for a 'good' toothbrush is if it is comfortable to use and suited for everyone's interiors of mouth, and the slimmest head was the most important. After years of researches none of the existing products could qualify for this requirement which is why Jewoo Medical had to step in and make it by ourselves.



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