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Milk Pillow Basic - Cervical Spine Latex Pillow for Neck Pain

$139 $149

Milk Pillow is the No. 1 selling pillow item in South Korea.

The Basic version is the best pillow that helps prevent neck pain through cervical spine support.

KBAY is Australia's only Milk Pillow distributor.

Milk Pillow Detail & Spec Chart
How can you fix insomnia and lack of quality sleep, Pillows that have the most direct impact on sleep.
Made from 500,000 latex flakes
Researching big data whti experts. We  used the research result of over 1,000 people
5 condition to make a goodl pillow. 1. Free tossing and turning 2. Cervical Spine Supports 3. Body pressure distribution. 4. Antibacterial effect, 5. Good material
Comparison Mold type pillow and Cotton, Goose down Pillow with Milk Pillow premium latex fellets
We had to find the material which was never existed before - Shredded the latex into 500,000 pieces
Latex flakes chips move according to the user, absorbing every movement caused by tossing and turning during sleep, providing ultimate comfort.

Cushioning, Density test - Realisation of hard highly elastic cushinging, improving the support capacity of cervical support cells, maintaining a density that does not turn off during long term use.
Countless of designing making samples and testing - free tossing and turning, Cervical spine support, supporting each body part with divided cells.Five partition structure of Milk Pillow
Strengths of Milk Pillow - 1. Free tossing and turning.Toss and turns comparison testQueen size pillow which guarantees healthy tossing and turning.Perfect cervical spine support - cervical spine which got burden all day should be relieve stress by sleepingBalances body pressure due to its ergonomic five partition structure.Safe and healthy material - latex an excellent antibacterial material it kept its original power intact.Feel relieved the pillow is safe - passed harmful material detection tests.Sturdy triple structure - even the cover inside the pillow was made with premium quality.Milk Pillow use according to sleeping habits - Frontal sleeper, Side sleeper.Functional pillow but pretty great for the interiorWe had thought a lot to release the product at this price - 1. reduced its price to on-fifth. 2. Lowered the cost of premium latex.Do you doubt the price? - The number of stitches in the stitching and the delicacy of the finish, the thickness and softness of the inner cover, full of latex.Mlik Pillow is perfect for gift with carefully crafted in the premium paper box.Comparison Milk Pillow Alpha Size - Standard fit, Easy fit
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