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Milk Pillow Junior & Kids - Correct Neck Posture While Sleeping

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Milk Pillow detail & Spec.


The first functional pillow for kids filled with thousands of latex pellets.Choose and use a proper pillow considering age and growth period.Sympathized with the necessity of functional pillow for children in growth period.Story of the development of the pillow - Analyzed big data with specialists.5 Conditions for a correct pillow - neck support, body pressure dispersion, comfortable tossing and turning, antibacterial effect, Material.Comparison Mold type latex pillow, Cotton Pillow, Goose pillow with Milk Pillow Premium Latex.Milk Pillow made Power pellet and Fill pellet latex.Countless of design, sampling and tests. - Free tossing and turning, Neck support, Supprting each body part with divided cells.Feature of Milk Pillow Kids & Junior - 1. The perfect neck supportBalances body pressure with ergonomic 5 partition structure - Loss of concentration, immunodeficiency, Weight increase, Poor growth, Imotional disturbance.3.  guarantees healthy free tossing and turning - Queen SizeThe pillow with stable weight and wide surface area was designed to make kids who toss and turn a lot while sleep leave from the bed easily.Safe and healthy material - Latex which is the excellent antibacterial material. / passed harmful substance detection test.Strong 3 ply structure considered even inner cover of the pillow.

An Alpha version with Tyvek material is now available for purchase.

Milk Pillow and aerospace new material meet - Junior & Kids AlphaMilk Pillow alpha is a product using Tyvek material.
The pretty design of functional pillow. Good for an interior item.Put the pillow in the dust bag which is as pretty as like a shopping bag and give it to lovely kids.

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